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Candle holders

Shamayim Varetz Candlesticks - Sterling Silver

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Laura’s design is inspired by the seven days of creation.

These elegant cone shaped candlesticks made from 2 contrasting materials reflect the opposites that together make a whole - heaven and earth, darkness and light/day and night. The highly polished silver candle holder contrasts with matt anodised aluminium base.

Laura only uses the highest quality material – the silver top is 925 Sterling Silver coated with an extra layer of pure silver to prevent tarnishing and highly polished to a mirror finish. Each base is patiently and expertly turned from solid aviation quality aluminum and then anodised.

 The six anodised aluminum discs represent the 6 days of the week prior to Shabbat.




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The colors also symbolise the following;


NATURE - Green

SKY - Light blue

OCEAN -Dark Blue


MAN -Pink – Man


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