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Ripple Effect Seder Plate

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Small Scratches. was $450, now $293. The Ripple Effect collection was created to simulate the visual elements of water drops falling into water. As a small drop of water can impact the circumference around it many times, so too can one person create a ripple effect on people around them.

Laura encompasses the Seder plate with words of the Ma Nishtana song from the Hagada, creating the Ripple Effect  that is unique to this collection. The platter is made of a mirror polished stainless steel with the words etched into the surface and the small dishes are magnetized so to allow for the custom arrangement of each dish and its location on the base. One of Laura’s favorite ways is to position them is facing out like a Star of David.

Materials: Stainless Steel base, neodymium magnets and porcelain dishes. 
Diameter of base: 32.5 cm (13 inch) 
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