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Spice Box

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Distinctive cone-shaped pieces made from two contrasting materials reflect the opposites that together make a whole - Heaven and Earth, Light and Darkness, Day and Night, the working week and Shabbat.

To emphasize the opposites, the top is highly polished to a mirror finish contrasting with the matte anodized aluminum base, created from solid aviation quality aluminum.

The lid is created in highly polished stainless steel with a brushed finish colored disc - combining Laura’s signature themes of discs and cones, inspired by the encircling rings on the planet Saturn.

The lid is attached to the main body of the spice box by a neodymium magnet producing a unique and imaginative connection.

Materials: Lid -Stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Container- Silver plated brass.

Base – Anodized Aluminum

Height 23 cm/9 inches

Price includes FREE SHIPPING from Israel to ALL destinations in Israel and worldwide.

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