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Imperfect Pieces

Modular Magnetic Matzah Plate (Rectangular)

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Was $330. Discontinued as I changed the metals in the the new version. Now 40% off. 

This spectacular, sculptural piece was inspired by the Tel Aviv sea view of yachts on the ocean. Instead of using the traditional silversmithing technique of soldering to join pieces together, I perfected a technique using hidden magnets, so the steel shapes can be moved to change the personality of the piece.

Created in high quality shiny stainless steel, the top pieces are hand curved into gentle waves and are attached to the anodized aluminum base by hidden neodymium magnets.

The tray is modular and you choose how to place the waves. It can also be used as a napkin holder.

Materials: Stainless Steel. Anodized Aluminum. Neodymium Magnets

Size: 26 x 17cm / 10.5 x 6.5 inch

Price INCLUDES registered mail from Israel to ALL destinations in Israel and worldwide.

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