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Building Bridges Menorah

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Laura designed this modern Hannukah menorah as a visual representation of the bridging of beliefs and understanding

Her Building Bridges Menorah is rich with symbolism. A bridge creates a means for people to meet. It connects the two banks of a river and metaphorically, two minds or two communities of people. By overcoming an obstacle you are creating a solution.

The base of this unique modern menorah is created out of gently formed highly polished steel. The colorful anodized aluminum candle holders are magnetic and can be placed wherever you wish on the metal base

Materials: Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Neodymium Magnetss.

Height 8 cm/3.5 inches. Width 14 cm/5.5 inches

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Although the candleholders can be placed anywhere, in order for the menorah to be kosher, the candles should be lined up down the middle of the piece. 

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