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Smart Dreidel

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What’s so smart about the Smart Dreidel?

Well, it teaches you how to play the dreidel game! Forgot what “Gimel” stands for? That’s easy, just read the text on the dreidel. “Gimel” means gain, you take the whole kitty. A cool and funky modern design using Laura’s signature themes of discs and cones.

This dreidel is included in Design Edition JM, a curated selection of modern and contemporary Jewish ritual objects by extraordinary designers commissioned and collected by The Jewish Museum in New York.

Material: Transparent Acrylic and anodized aluminum

Diameter: 8cm / 3 inches

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The cone is made by precision cnc cutting, then polished and anodized. The disc is made from transparent acrylic with colorful printing of the instructions. Enjoy spinning!

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